Case Study - Debbie Hayes - February 2012

In 2007, Debbie Hayes took the life-changing decision to re-train, enabling her to leave her successful corporate career in 2010 and create a better work and home life balance.

After attending a Coaching Academy event, Debbie found her calling and embarked on a rewarding and fulfilling business venture as a Life Coach.

As part of her 2 year coaching training, Debbie worked with several coaching 'buddies' to hone her craft and develop her coaching skills. One of the buddies was Frank Roe of Gain Success. Debbie and Frank connected immediately, sharing the business journey from the corporate world into self-employment.

During the training and subsequent work together, Debbie recognised that Frank's career background enabled him to empathise with her own situation and experiences.

"Having a coach with credibility and who has been in a similar environment to yourself, working through the corporate politics and dynamics to achieve a positive outcome is incredibly valuable" commented Debbie. "Frank is a fantastic listener and is able to relate to my situation and challenges through his own experiences, stories and anecdotes. They say 'a problem shared is a problem halved', but working with Frank, the problem is always put into perspective and transformed into valuable learning."

The ongoing working relationship that Debbie has with Frank supports her in many aspects of her business and personal development, including:

  • Making difficult decisions
  • Acknowledging her successes and strengths
  • Detaching the emotional baggage and blockages that can hinder progress
  • Empathising with and rationalising situations so they can be approached objectively
  • Changing and challenging her perspective to bring clarity to the situation
  • Maintaining client confidentiality
  • Making the time available to support her
  • Working with her to make things happen and gain the success she wants

Debbie added "I've found in business that it is important to surround yourself with trusted professionals who can support you in your business development and goals. Frank has been with me from the beginning of my career as a life coach and he will always be an integral part of my business."

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