Case Study - Katy Mashiter - April 2012

Through a series of events in recent years, Katy Mashiter found she was being stretched to the limit with her work commitments.  She had inadvertently inherited the running of a business which was completely absorbing her life.  In November 2011, Katy recognised that something had to change, otherwise she would simply run herself into the ground.

Initially, Katy sought the advice of fellow members at the Bay Business Network.  One of the members suggested that she attend a Time Effectiveness Workshop which Frank was running at the time.

"Several weeks after attending the workshop, I had a follow-up meeting with Frank and realised that I had already taken his advice on board" said Katy.  "As a result of the workshop, I have re-arranged my priorities, my work schedule, found some part-time office support, reduced my weekly travel arrangements and got some of my precious 'me-time' back."

Five months on, and the impact that Frank's advice has had on Katy's life is considerable.

"I'd recommend working with Frank and using the practical skills and techniques he imparts to anyone who just doesn't have enough time in each day to run their business effectively" added Katy.  "Frank knows from his own experiences and learning how to help people gain the success they need and want. One of Frank's strengths is that he has the patience to listen, making his recommendations relevant, individual and right for each situation."

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