Case Study - Stephen Elliott - April 2012

Chartered Management Accountant Stephen Elliott approached Frank Roe of Gain Success in 2008 after meeting with a colleague and discussing the benefits she had realised of working with a career development coach. At the time, Stephen was considering his own career path and decided to get in touch with Frank.

Frank and Stephen had met previously at a series of CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) events. Prior to establishing himself as a business and career coach, Frank was also a Chartered Management Accountant working in the NHS.

"The combination of coaching skills and accountancy experience made Frank the ideal person to contact about my career development" commented Stephen. "I'd reached a point in my career which appeared to be taking me down a road that I didn't want to go."

At this point in time, Stephen's employer had a prescribed career path for him to follow, but which conflicted with his own goals and desires. With a young family already settled in the area, Stephen was reluctant to make the move despite growing pressure from his employers. It was decision time.

"Working with Frank helped me to step back from the situation so that I could re-evaluate my position and my options" added Stephen. "Frank was also instrumental in helping me to recognise my strengths which has been a critical factor in boosting my self-confidence and ability to sell myself to prospective employers."

As well as a wealth of experience in business and coaching, Frank also has network of contacts that he can call on as and when required to assist and support in more challenging times.

"Coaching has helped me to recognise that realising my career goals didn't necessarily mean re-locating my family" said Stephen. "Frank has been the catalyst for recognising the reality of the situation, removing the emotion which can cloud judgement and perspective. Since working with Frank, I have secured the Group Operations Financial Controller position at a Sunday Times Profit Track 100 company without the need to re-locate. The whole process has allowed me to connect with the right people, clarify my options and choices, make the right decisions, focus on my strengths, address my weaknesses and move forward to achieve my goals."

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